Why We Started This Business

The one thing that makes our CNC Routing business unique to any other is our passion for aviation. More importantly it’s the rich and diverse history we have in this field especially with regards to warbirds and other historical aircraft restoration.

We are here to provide aircraft restoration groups and homebuilt aircraft builders with best practice solutions and advice for their airframe and parts requirements.

  • To provide parts that are such good value and easy to purchase that customers would not even consider making or buying them elsewhere.
  • To provide advice on industry best practices.
  • To provide advice on other sources of specialist parts.
  • To offer a hub of knowledge and experience by drawing on long standing working relationships with key professionals who are all aligned to provide specialised services.
Our Capabilities
  • Over 20 years of aircraft restoration and engineering experience
  • In house computer aid design (CAD) and computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment
  • A CAD drawing and design service that understands the requirements of the aviation industry.
  • A long standing working relationships with key professionals who are all aligned to provide specialised services
  • An extensive library of aircraft drawings and manuals from aircraft of all ages and can often assist potential customers with literature to get their desired project moving.
What We Do
  • We design and CNC manufacture custom jigs, form dies, plugs and moulds.
  • Reverse engineer and redesign old parts, ready for modern CNC manufacture.
  • We specialise in components specific to wooden aircraft and offer cost effective modern CNC machining and match drilling of wood, alloy and steel components.
  • We supply the finest quality, hand selected Douglas Fir, precision machined, drilled and routed our customer’s requirements.
  • Manufacture custom parts for metal warbird, vintage and homebuilt aircraft.
  • Provide metal parts in either flat pack form or fully completed, painted, ready for assembly to meet any customer’s budgetary requirements.
  • Fabrication alloy, steel and stainless steel for experimental aircraft customers.
  • For experimental aircraft customers looking for that extra piece of mind, we can also offer full structural analysis with finite element analysis of their chosen design.
Why Choose Us For Your Aviation Work
  • Airframe structures and components are our life; we are happy to discuss possible solutions to assist your aircraft project.
  • We offer a hub of knowledge and experience.
  • We save our customers both time and money from expensive rework.
  • We manufacture in house with our state of the art modern CNC equipment.
  • “The quality of your project will profit from our services”.
Aviation Links

Hunter CNC Routing only recommend groups, products and services, that we are actively involved with or would use ourselves.