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CNC Routing

CNC is an acronym for Computer Numeric Controlled. In simple terms, CAD drawings are converted into G code which is read by the routing (cutting) machine. At Hunter CNC Routing we cut, shape, drill, mill and surface your materials using the very latest CNC routing technology. We can shape and profile many materials, contact us for specific needs.

Send through your design and we will machine your part … it really is as simple as that! We’ll advise you on the best material for your job or, if your design could benefit from some refining, you can also take advantage of our technical consultation service.

With our CNC machine and highly skilled team at your service, you can quickly manufacture components that would otherwise take a very long time to get ‘ready’ in a traditional way. Our job management process means that you’ll always be informed about the details of your job with clear explanations of requirements and timelines.

Our operators are specially trained in minimising any wastage of expensive raw material and, even though the ultra-modern equipment has various internal quality check control systems in place, we never take ‘quality’ for granted and run strict quality checks on all prototypes and finished products.

The Benefits of CNC Routing

The automated machines have the capability to work at a much faster pace as compared to humans and the production process can be carried out during any part of the day or night without any trouble.

The flexibility of CNC Machining is another huge plus point for businesses as it helps them to come up with new products simply by feeding a new program on to the machine. As a result, businesses can save huge amounts of time and money and focus more on the development process.

If you have been struggling to establish a long term relationship with a reliable, friendly and innovative routing service, we invite you to get in touch and find out how Hunter CNC Routing can improve productivity and efficiency for your business.

Drawing Guidelines for CNC Routing

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Do you have a damaged sample you would like replicated? Or perhaps an idea you would like to see designed and created from scratch? If so, we are the people who can help you. We have the tools, experience and expertise to design or reverse engineer the most complex components. In fact, we relish particularly challenging designs. Our engineering expertise gives our CAD drafting services an extra edge. We combine our engineering and fabrication expertise to complement CAD drafting. This gives your drawings an extra level of accuracy and workability and assists in improving all aspects of your production.

Our in-house design team offers a wealth of experience to assist with design development and can offer advice to optimize your design to minimise cost and improve performance. Our experience has often helped clients avoid unanticipated design problems before production commences. Our systems and procedures will ensure we retain detailed records of all our clients’ design and production history. That ensures we will always be able to supply the same high quality items again and again, whatever the future holds.

Value Add

In addition to our in-house services we provide, we can also offer additional value add services by drawing on long standing working relationships with other key professionals who are all aligned to provide specialised services.